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Second, if you want to get married the same day as you receive your marriage license, there are a few things to consider:

  • Locations within SF City Hall are reserved on a first come first served basis and are REQUIRED if you have more than (6) guests (including the bride and groom). 
  • Some locations have a higher cost than others. The starting price for groups of more than (6) guests is $1,002. Yep, its that expensive.
  • Again, be flexible!! Depending on the event schedule and what day of the week it is, SF City Hall could be quite empty and locations would be plentiful.
  • Mornings, Lunch and Early Afternoon hours are the best time to perform ceremonies (of most small groups). If you have (6) guests or less, its best to plan for a morning ceremony and during the week for the most availability. 
  • If you receive your marriage license on a busy day of the week (Thur-Sat), and you don't have a reserved location (only required if you have over (6) guests), then please plan to wait in line at your desired location for the rest of the reserved groups to complete their ceremony before you can perform yours. I've waited with my couple and their family for a couple ceremonies to finish before squeezing into the most popular location before (The Rotunda at the top of the main staircase) and it worked out just perfectly. ;) 
  • My advice would be to NOT get your marriage license on the same day of your ceremony if you are trying to get married on a really busy day. Often, there are many different kinds of city activities and events that could also affect your experience so when in doubt, please consider an alternative day to get your license. 
  • Another option I have had my couples do is if they are trying to get their marriage license on the same day as they want to marry at SF City Hall and there are no more reservations available at SF City Hall, they can visit any other City Hall in the SF Bay Area (or anywhere else within California for that matter within 90 days of their wedding date, and bring the marriage license with them to City Hall for the ceremony.

Third, I will help you to find a spot for your ceremony, as most couples haven't been there before, but if your party size is greater than (6) guests, you will be responsible for contacting the SF City Hall Events Department to make your reservations. SF City Hall Events Department: (415) 554-6068

Fourth, After we confirm our set date, time and location and once I perform the ceremony, I will sign and file the Marriage License either with the SF County Clerk's Office or return it to the Clerk's Office from where you were issued your license.

This amazing venue has some of the most elegant architecture a location could provide. There are so many beautiful spaces to perform a ceremony and can accommodate many different sized groups. That being said, and although this is a public building, you must understand the rules the City of SF has put in place in order to hold a wedding ceremony there.

First, if you plan to get your marriage license from the SF City Hall, you MUST make a reservation. There are no other city halls within the San Francisco Bay Area that require this and most undoubtedly its because of the incredible demand from folks that come from all over the United States to get married here! If you plan to marry the same day that you receive your license, you need to make as much advance reservations as possible within the 90 day window of your ceremony date if you want a chance at getting the exact date and time. SF City Hall is one of the most popular elopement locations in the U.S. and it doesn't matter whether you are getting married on a Saturday (most popular day of the week) or on a Tuesday (yes, I've married couples on this day!), SF City Hall is busy, busy, busy, so please plan to be as flexible as possible. SF County Clerks Office(415) 554-4950

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